Thursday, 30 July 2009


I never really suffered from jet lag much before but the last couple of times I've been here it's really kicked my arse.
It's the wee hours of the morning, I've been up for a while and even though there isn't much to say or show, I'm writing stuff here to kill some time....
What to say?....Flight was fine, long but fine. it was the least full flight I've ever taken I think? It looked less than half full. This meant me and Shoko could stretch out and laugh heartily at the fools in first class that paid five times the amount for the same luxury (Although I'm su
re all the free massages, goose feathered pillows and truffels helped them get over it.)
The humidity here is running at full capacity. I like it though. Japan has a nice atmosphere in the summer. It reminds me of when I came here for the first time. It also gives me an excuse to drink a barrel load of this stuff...

Life saver.

Virgin Atlantic Bento Box.

So anyway, after we arrived we met Shokos sister, came to the hotel and then headed into town to visit some old hang outs...


We've got our Shibuya routine pretty much sorted out. It usually starts of with this...


Before moving onto here...

Tasu Ichi (300 Yen beers)

Of course there are extras thrown in here and there, We're not afraid to mix it up. But after endless visits our activities in Shibs are now polarised by these two locations. That's bloody sad.
Still, great food.
This can result result in varying degrees of fun. I've had some of the best nights out in and around Shibuya and also some of the most mundane. Times just waiting for the first train home. It's is what you make it I suppose.
Well last night the Lagging Jet took it's toll on us and we decided to call it quits after the dizziness kicked in, a few hours sleep and now I'm here.... warbling on to no-one.
Anyways, got a fews new places I want to see and visit as well as some old favourites.
Will update soon.


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