Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Since being in Japan I've joined the odd illustration or print club to learn new skills or meet other illustrators etc. I've found it fun to learn new techniques or push myself to work in a new way and it's made illustration and image making a hobby again.

Two of my favorites so far have been learning how to make Hanko stamps at Slope Cafe from Sakuhanjyo and also PauseDraw, a monthly meet-up of designers, illustrators, coders, photographers etc

I've always liked the end look of Hanko stamps and its interesting to have to work out what details and lines to include to make the image legible. You are restricted in colours and the amount of detail you can include and have to think carefully about dark and light areas. 
I started to think whether I could inculude some of these techniques into my work. Use colour more sparingly, reduce some of the detail by thinking more about shadow and light etc.
Going to PauseDraw helped me realize that perhaps it was indeed possible to combine my style of illustration with Hanko making and so from the meet-ups I've started to incorporate parts into my sketchbook work. 

( Hanko Stamps)
 (Playing with colour)
(Using the same techniques with pencil and paper at PauseDraw)


From this I've started a  new on-going series called 'Illustrated Days':

From sketchbook work I keep a little visual diary of the day and update my website inbetween projects.
You can also find updates on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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