Monday, 14 October 2013


I recently decided to walk over Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. If you've ever visited Tokyo or watched movies like 'Kill Bill' or 'Lost In Translation' then you probably would've seen it. It's a huge white bridge connecting mainland Tokyo to a man-made island filled with amusement parks, fake beaches, cinemas and shopping malls.
If you ride the (driverless) Yurikamome train over the bridge, it gives a great view of Tokyo and is definitely something I recommend to people visiting Japan.

I'd heard that there is a walkway and that if you get off at the right stop then you can walk the whole way. It only takes around 30 mins or so and you can see some amazing views (even with the crappy weather I had)

If you're interested or will visit Tokyo sometime then you can find more info on how to access rainbow Bridge HERE (scroll down to the 'How to get there' section)

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