Monday, 23 May 2011

AKAI ITO: May 25th - 28th

I was asked by Bath Spa University to contribute some work towards their exhibition to help raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan.

Their theme is Akai Ito (Red Thread) :

"The phrase ‘akai ito’ is used in Japanese culture to refer to an invisible bond that ties two individuals together. Represented as a thread that stretches from one to the other, then wound round each partner’s little finger, it signifies a fateful, but not unbreakable, bond. The symbolism of the colour red undoubtedly speaks of the romantic connotations of akai ito, but understood more expansively it also connects the idea of a ‘red thread’ – as the bond between peoples, institutions and nations – to both the red disc of the Japanese national flag and the (similarly proportioned) red cross of the eponymous aid organization. In this way, we feel that it can be used to convey a sense of friendship and support across great distances – an idea to be celebrated and remembered in times of crisis"

There will be a silent auction for all the pieces as well conveyor belt sushi (provided by YO! Sushi), Shiatsu massage, Japanese musicians and more!

It all takes place here:
Michael Tippett Centre Gallery,

Bath Spa University,

Newton Park,

Newton St Loe,



Exhibition: Wednesday May 25th – Saturday May 28th 2011

Main event evening: Saturday May 28th, 5-8pm

For more details, click here:

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