Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Even though Bath is quite small (and located in a huge bowl with its own weather system) we still get our fair share of interesting festivals and events.
This month we have 'Illuminate Bath':

"Illuminate Bath is a new arts festival transforming the city’s streets over two weeks in November. More than 50 artists and performers will be showcasing their work in locations around Bath, both indoors and outside."

One Event that I thought sounded interesting was the 'Eye Tracking':

"Nine people were asked to look at a photograph of a building fa├žade for 30 seconds in order that they could make a subsequent drawing of it from memory. As they looked their eye movements were tracked by computer and recorded as individually coloured dots of light which are projected back onto the actual building at full size."

Illuminate Bath is on from 1-13 Nov and you can find out dates and times of all the events here:

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