Thursday, 25 November 2010


At the start of 2010 I decided to keep a weekly visual diary as a way of illustrating regularly. I'd just finished my dissertation and hadn't worked on any new projects for a while so I thought it we be a good way of ensuring I was always doing illustration related work throughout my final year at uni.
It forced me look at subjects I wouldn't normally concentrate on or use as inspiration and it also helped me streamline how I work. All in all, it was tres useful.
Another thing it helped me with was finding what things I enjoy illustrating and it happens to be just that, 'Things'.
From when I was little it was always objects/ labels /packaging etc that used to get me drawing. I would draw anything that interested me and would build up huge collections of 'Things'.
I'm still doing that today and it is this documenting side of illustration that I still like the most.
So, as the Visual Diaries get closer and closer to the end I think I'll begin a new illustration odyssey in 2011 that will consist of drawing anything and everything that catches my eye.

Here are a few already that'll hopefully start me off in good stead!

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