Monday, 10 May 2010


You can now download some of my work as wallpaper for your iPhone, iPod or iPad thanks to Poolga!


jiffylopez said...

Dude, no foolin' if I had an iphone, this would be my wallpaper. You wanna donate to the "get Jose an iphone" foundation?

Jokes aside, all your recent stuff has been kick-ass.

Andrew Joyce said...

Cheers matey!
That foundation sure does sound like a worthy cause. What's the exchange rate at the mo?......hmmm.....perhaps not. Sorry bud.

Thanks again for the comments!!

Linda said...

GREAT stuff! I found you on Poolga.

Andrew Joyce said...

Thanks a lot!
Yeah, Poolga is a nice site. I've found a lot of great new illustrators through there.
Cheers again for commenting!!