Friday, 15 May 2009


At the start of the semester we were asked to reflect on an exhibition we'd seen recently and produce anything we liked.
I'd forgotten all about it but luckily I remembered earlier today because assessments start soon.
The exhibition I went to was 'How very Tokyo'. I've mentioned it in a previous post but in a nutshell 14 UK graphic designers were asked to produce a poster based on the word 'Tokyo'.
I decided to use the same word and illustrated a group of friends I met while studying at a university in Japan.
The guys would know that I've cheated slightly seeing as our campus was over an hour outside Tokyo but hey, we all went there together at some point I'm sure.

Also, We had a lecture from the guys at OK-RM ( Who actually made a poster for the 'How very Tokyo' exhibition, and afterwards I mentioned that I was in Tokyo, went to the exhibition and remembered their poster. They weren't impressed...

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